Stripes and Skirts


Have we seen this on the blog before?

Maybe. But I’m not doing any digging.

Does this change the fact that this is a tried and true Spring to Summer staple pair?

Absolutely not.

The sun is shining, and I am pulling more linen and cotton pieces. After being holed up all winter, it’s exciting to feel the sun out and the enjoy a breeze instead of cowering inside buildings to hide from it. I also love a stripe, and I love that this is bejeweled. I have also found that rather than tucking in my button-down blouses, I have taken to tying them. Wrinkles be damned.

When you tie a button down and throw it over a dress, it gives the outfit a little something extra, and gives you an extra layer without a sweater or coat for those crisper mornings. Also, you can take a blouse like this from office to drinks in a snap. Untuck the blouse, tie it at the waist, where the high-waisted pencil skirt meets, unbutton one button lower to reveal a lace bralette and you’re good to go for summer drinks on a patio somewhere. Or you can always wear it to work over a bias-cut maxi slip dress, all tied up and work appropriate, then untie it and leave it behind in favor of the summer slip dress underneath for after hour happy hours. It’s like two outfits in one.

It can also be worn for running errands around town. The cotton makes it comfortable and you can leave it untucked with some jeans whilst perusing basil and tomatoes at the farmers market. It’s put together while being undone, just as it should be. And the more you wear it the more comfortable it gets. Ahh, the beauty of cotton.

Shop for Spring’s favorite secret weapon below.



A Touch of Tiger


When I tell you I have been obsessed with animal print lately, I joke not. The last four shipments that have been DHL’d to my house have an animal print of some kind. Just wait until this weather warms up and you’ll find me rolling in the sandy coves of Malibu wrapped up in the prettiest smokey blue velvet leopard dress you ever did see.

Anyways, since I compulsively purchased this top one night in a binge spin of try on hauls a la YouTube, I have worn this consistently each weekend unapologetically. It also gives off Luke Hemming vibes, which is like another style icon I am coming to love and learn about.

The short and the skinny of it is if it’s a London boy who wears funky button downs with one button too many un-buttoned (whew), it’s a style icon for me.

Not only does a pattern like this this edge up a jean, it also plays very well with some leather.

Honestly, throw a fishnet in there and prepare for a night of bad decisions, or a lost weekend filled with great ones. I love this pattern so much I’m thinking of carpeting my closet floor with the print. Ha. Thinking? It’s already decided.

What I also found about animal print is that it doesn’t have to be scary. An animal print can really mean a mix of neutral colors. Which, if you think, leopard and tiger are just blacks and browns swirled together in a pattern. You probably pair brown and blacks all day long, so add a print in those hues and pair with a black base and your good to go. This outfit is basically that with a texture thrown in, which would be the leather.

Walk on the wild side and shop some frisky print below.



Vintage Vantage


And so the animal print lives on.

Is this animal print?

When I purchased this unique piece from the lovely Audrey Leighton Vintage, I was so excited. Like, OMG, thrilled. I have been stalking her Vintage e-commerce store front for awhile, but time zones being what they are, and her curated collections being so good, I just never found myself in the right place at the right time to purchase a specially sourced piece.

Now I love the thrill of fashion. I love buying something you’ve spent time and money thinking about. I love living out the fantasies you bought that shirts, dress, hat especially for. I love the feeling of an exquisite silk scarf bought on sale for a steep discount, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from an overhaul at Zara. However, I do not love the panicky paranoid feeling of needing to hit add to cart on items that are bound to sell out faster than you can hit refresh.

I can’t do it.

I bring on already too much unnecessary drama and anxiety into my own life, I don’t need something that justifies that anxiety. Especially something that brings me joy.

All of this to say, one morning as I was leisurely having my orange juice, I was pursuing the shop’s Instagram and found a “swipe up” link on this top I’m wearing in their story. Fully preparing myself for the reality that it would probably be sold out I swiped up to look at the collection (because the store is beautiful to look at) and I found that it. Was. AVAIABLE!

OMG, I could not hit check out fast enough. Now does this action contradict that long unnecessary blurb you just sat through. No, because the shop had been open since 10 am Barcelona time, so that means everything had already been bought, and these are the “leftovers.” AS if you can call this beautiful piece a lost item.


I love that it’s oversized, has a hint of a shoulder pad, is a print but a neutral, can be tied up, belted up, tucked in, and rolled up. Perfect for vacay, Malibu, airplanes, basically everywhere my summer is taking me, all while feeling breezy and giving off the vibe of, “yes, I totally just threw this on, what about it?” Whilst leaving everyone stunned that this gem of a piece is just lying there. In my closet!

Or I could be totally delusional and it’s a basically a button down that’s more grandma than rocker? But I’ll let you be the judge of that.


Safari Shirt Dress


Am I going on a safari? No

Does this shirtdress scream safari chic to me? Yes

Would I actually take this with me on a Safari? No

Let me break it down.

I love dresses like this. I always have. The buttons make it French; the cotton makes it Mediterranean, and the white is fresh. However, while I do love that this was a steal, it is not made of the breathable fabric by way of linen or cotton like I would like to lead you and myself to believe. It is just a basic polyester wannabe, that’s cute, but is not exactly up to the level I would like to be at.

However, it does look presentable, so I guess all is fair in the name of love and fast fashion. Oddly, fast fashion is something I’ve been thinking about. And no, it was not prompted by this dress alone. I love Zara, but I wouldn’t consider it fast fashion. However, for a few months I was cheating on Zara with In the Style for the Lorna Luxe launch, and while I loved her pieces, and more of them were hits than misses. It made me realize that clothes are basically compost-able. That expensive bag will fall apart just as fast as this polyester dress. Both are plastic and both are made of materials that are not made to sustain for more than a few years.

This post has nothing to do with the dress thus far, but as we can see it’s a fun easy summer dress that you can throw on and head out the door. You don’t have to worry about ruining it, because it was a steal and it make you look put together and fulfills the fantasy of what you would look like walking by the Mediterranean, when you’re really just at a strip mall on a hot day.

It’s cheaper than a plane ticket and just as precious as a handbag, for a fraction of the coast and free of the stress.

Shop summer shirt dresses below and let your dreams whisk you away.



Blushes of Satin


Spring is here! This is old news, what isn’t old news is the SUN! After what feels like a loooong winter, which is embarrassing because I didn’t shovel one inch of snow, the sun peeking out from behind the thick layer of clouds coating the Californian skies is more than a dream come true.

While I love my gloomy, rainy days, I must say I am excited to see the flowers bloom and hear the birds chirp. I am even feeling inspired by the longer days. So much so that I’ve started a garden. What? But yes, I have started a garden. I so excitedly planted basil, sage, rosemary and rhubarb, along with many others, only to happily plant them so the bugs could happily eat them. At least someone benefited from my basil?

Moving on, this blush dress has been seen on here once before, but I was so inspired by the sun and by the still cooler mornings I decided to give this another go. Will this dress ever be worn on its own? The world may never know. Any who the soft blush pink paired with a  cream sweater is a Spring like dream. The hotter weather this day I posed next to this pink door, which it was only 75 (what?), made it the perfect running around frock. I love me a great slip dress, and one with some shine? Yes, please.

Shop spring dresses that play nice with sweaters below.



Blazer Noir


Blazers are having a moment.

I feel everywhere I look someone is pairing a black blazer with something. Whether that be a jean, a skirt, a spring dress (too far?) it’s there and it’s hovering so I jumped on board because I love a structured/ un-structured moment.

One of my style icons is Harry Styles, and he is basically unstructured chic at its finest. I love the London cosmopolitan way his stylist dresses him, all unbuttoned flowing tops and patterned blazers with a   touch of glitter, I mean…what. Total ICON.

So in lieu of loving Harry, I find myself more draw to London Town by way of inspiration. This means I naturally follow London bloggers, and as I have mentioned the name of Lorna Luxe before, it’s no surprise that my first black blazer came from her collection.

While I have loved the pieces in her collection thus far, I must say, this blazer left me wanting more. The material was a bit light and it felt and sounded like a costume you buy at your local Halloween store. However, I can’t complain because it was a steal of a deal and now I can wear it to my heart’s content and not worry about ruining some overpriced blazer, because I am the person that gets paranoid about things like that.

Also, it has some nifty shoulder pads which really helps to give it the structure it is desperately lacking from the material. When paired with something flimsy like a silk dress, the blazer makes an outfit look constructed and un-structured all at the same time.

You can also take this daytime, night time, mid-day, early morning dog walk, really anywhere. The key to styling a blazer is to treat it like you would an over coat you would wear with anything, don’t think much about, and know can play nice with whatever you have in your closet.

Just throw it on and trust it’ll be there for you like your best friend, and really, that’s the magic.



Shades of Spring


Ahh the flowers are blooming, color is springing up all around us and it is quite a sight to behold.

With all the rain comes greener mountain tops and an abundance of flowers, which makes for very happy people.

While the sun may be creeping up earlier and sticking around later, finding pieces that are still able to handle a hot afternoon and crisp mornings are what I’m all about pretty much all of the time. When I found this light knit dress, I thought it perfect for so many things. It’s great as a winter layer to pair with some leggings or tights, boots all bundled together with a larger over coat. Or great for spring with just it’s self and a fun platform because hotter afternoons call for a more fun shoe option. Or this should even be worn in flight for any spring or summer travels

Just throw this on with some yoga pants, trainers and a jean jacket and your cozy and ready to go. It is the most delicious outfit really if you think about it. And a turtleneck on a plane is a yes please. Those planes can become so chilly it’s absolutely absurd, but I guess it makes it sterile?

Enough babbling, find a sweet turtleneck dress below to sail you into longer days with the sun.



Fresh and Clean


Spring is all about new beginnings. Turing over a new leaf, cleaning out cluttered corners and breathing in the pollen soaked fresh air, right?

With rain comes along much more greenery and cooler days. So even though I’m dying to pull out my spring dresses and frolic in the overly green fields, the spring showers are telling me to pull out my knits. This oversized white sweater feels like a new beginning because it’s oversized and pure white, and the back is completely open so it definitely picks up those spring breezes. Pairing it with the knit skirt is also different. Of course you can pair it with skinny jeans or a light wash denim, but a skirt gives the outfit a spring in its step.

Pairing garments in different ways can give your wardrobe new life without breaking the bank. Challenging yourself to pair that jean skirt that’s sitting in the back of your closet with a white button down and some platforms is simple and easy. Breaking down a structured look into something you can hang out and grab drinks in with the girls gives that button down more than just a safe for work vibe.

Spring is all about new beginnings and reworking those pieces that we might have forgotten about when we were bundled up in layers upon layers of drab.

So let’’s hit refresh together.



Tan Skirts


A crisp white blouse can do no wrong in my book.

Also, the belt gives me star-trek vibes, but I’m not mad about it.

Let’s dive in.

Going off of last post’s look, we have again the same skirt but in a different color. I told you I loved this skirt. I also love tan. We all know about my tan obsession from the winter, so I found it fitting to give that hue a go in something other than my sweater collection. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Here we have the skirt paired with a nice oversized blouse. I find when I wear this blouse it can become very pirate like or Shakespeare in the park, I have received both comments (compliments? Depends who you’re asking). Any who, for this blouse to now enter into a Star Trek category… when will this blouse ever just be a white blouse? Who knew I would be getting so much personality in one purchase.

Anyways, I feel like a buttercup in this outfit, and my skirt is the stem. It’s easy, it’s cinched and it’s breezy. Beautiful! Also, does this not seem like spring. I’m one sunshine ray away from blinding everyone with my bleached white blouse.

It’s here, I’m here, and we’re ready for Spring.

Shop your own crisp white blouse below, and say hello to Spring. Personality not included.