Pieces on Repeat


Well hello!

This perhaps isn’t anything ~new~ but really just an iteration of a mesh top and leather skirt. Which we have seen on the blog definitely thus far.

While this may not be something terribly eye catching or shocking, it’s definitely been on repeat for me as the weather still fluctuates from sunny to freezing and vice versa. For instance it is raining right now, like practically torrential downpour status of rain, and yet earlier this week? Hot and sunny with no clouds in sight. A leather skirt is my personal favorite for this kind of fickle weather, or really any sort of skirt/bootie combo.

It also lets you play around with some fun tights perhaps. This initially was going to be paired with a cute little pair of fishnet sparkle tights, but alas, I forgot them, and there just was absolute no time for a reshoot. So imagine them if you will and shop them below for perhaps a better idea.

Here’s to the tried and true.



Rose Gold


There is nothing better than a silk slip dress, and there is nothing more exciting than when said silk slip dress is the color of a dusty rose.

I love rose hued things. I love Rosé, Rose Gold, Rose Hips, Dusty Rose, you name it I love it. I love rose whether it’s in my drink or on my person, there is something romantic and feminine about such an everyday color. If you think about it, Rose has become more apart of our everyday and I could not be more thrilled, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this everyday staple of a dress in a color that is a little bit more exciting than your normal nude.

This season I have been loving nude hues. I have probably about ten sweaters all the same color of tan, and I couldn’t even tell you why, much apart from the fact that it just feels right. It is so nice to know that if I go into my closet, I will have a sweater that pairs with my red pants just as well as my black pants. It’s a neutral and it’s transitional, two things I always seem to need from my closet. There is nothing more transitional than a slip dress. I can layer under or over and have a great hit every time.

It makes for a solid base to work my pieces around, and the color gives it a bit of glamour while still being easy to pair and style. This dress is great for that office party, or for your family’s annual Christmas fête. When the Holidays become too much, the last thing you need to worry about is your ensemble.





So the time has come where we are pulling coats over our sweaters and trying to bundle up as much as possible in the mornings and evenings without sacrificing style.

As a Californian, I love to don on my coats and sweaters and jackets. I love how a perfectly tailored peacoat makes my jeans and t-shirts look sophisticated and urban. I love the clacking of a leather soled boot hitting the pavements and floors of office buildings. I love how a Winter wardrobe can demand attention in a way a Summer and Spring wardrobe can’t. The textures are rich and so are the colors. The story of a Fall to Winter ensemble is brimming with sophistication and demands we all take notice.

Even the sequins come around to play more this time of year, causing us to all top and stare and take a little bit longer with how we’re looking. I mean, after all, if we are forced to stay in longer and be less social, we’ll probably start to taking a look at ourselves more closely and pay attention to what we really need, which is a little extra sparkle.

So with my pea coats and trench coats coming out of hiding and back into my everyday rota, I noticed I had this wonderful Kimono! This is the antithesis to structure and sophistication. It’s undone and bohemian and makes something like a turtle neck and shiny leather pants a bit more artsy. I love that it brings color and that it makes the outfit fun and can keep me warm, but also allows ventilation for when those California winter days feel more like an indian summer.

So while I am extremely excited to be wearing a peacoat come January, I am happy to also find this transitional piece that brings a little more whimsy to my everyday.



Something Special


In keeping with the white and black theme, and white garments spun from wool, here’s another basic Fall look that can help you get through the Holiday’s.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow (Happy early Thanksgiving), and much food to be had, a simple easy slip dress makes for an enjoyable way to spend the Holiday. Normally, I’m not a person that preaches sweat pants so you can stuff another helping of mash potatoes in your face, but having a garment like a dress does make the whole overeating thing seem not as obvious.

Also, the velvet texture is something that is fun for a holiday party. I love seeing the Holiday adverts pop about town. All of the jewel toned hues clashing with bursts of glitter on rich velvets and silks makes for a feeling of warmth. There’s something inviting about seeing a Sephora ad with the model’s eyeshadow done is pure glitter to make you excited for your next Holiday Fête.

So whether your wearing jeans, sweat pants or a dress, adding a little bit of Holiday glam can make that normal everyday item a little extra special.



Ciao, Bella


Okay, I feel this is very Italian inspired even if there is nothing really Italian about this whole scene besides the “Ciao, Bella” inscribed on my sweatshirt.

What I like about this look, and this season, is that a slightly oversized sweater layered over a turtleneck passes for an acceptable Fall outfit.

There aren’t many pully systems or crazy textures happening, and the fun inscription makes for a playful touch to something that is commonly worn. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly enjoy clothes with inscriptions doodled about, I find them to be distracting and uninteresting and also it’s just like, why? Why do I need something that says “Hell yea, tacos!” written on a simple easy white t-shirt? However, I enjoy that this is black and white, and it’s a fun little inscription that lines up with my ethos of to always keep it moving.

Also, the sweater is layered with a turtleneck underneath. With the sweater being mostly wool, it can be very itchy, and the turtle neck helps save my skin from the irritation of the rough fabric. Also, it’s nice because I am not wearing a coat so I can still feel light and move about my day quickly with out fussing with another garment.

This layered look is easy, and adding a fun twist on something we will be wearing pretty constantly as the weather changes, makes it all the more enjoyable.



Pearl Please


Okay, we’ve all seen this sweater floating around on tumblr, we heart it, pinterest, really any photo sharing site of emaciated girly pre-teens in bubble-gum pink bedrooms.

So, why would I choose this? Well, this sweater is actually backwards. I know, genius! I took that sweater I’ve been seeing everywhere and just wore it backwards. Does it even look like it’s backwards? I’ll leave that for you to decide, but with Fall proving that Winter will be here soon (or is that just the Christmas trees popping up prematurely basically everywhere) it’s time to think seriously about sweaters, as these will be thing you are most likely going to live in.

And if we’re going to wear sweaters, we might as well make them cute, right? It is amazing to me that I had seen this sweater forever and never though to wear it any other way than the way I had always seen it. It wasn’t until I saw one of my favorite bloggers of all time wearing it in a different way that I thought to switch it up.

This then made me introspective of different areas of my life (shocking, I know) and made me think “there’s not just one was to do everything.” Life and choices and actions are all done differently by everyone. Tell 10 people to do one thing and chances are they’ll each do it their own way. It’s amazing how the human mind works, and how creative each one of us is, even if we don’t think we’re crazy creative.

This winter I’ll be pushing myself to try different things and to think outside the box and to not worry too much about the “right” way of doing something, or how someone else is doing something, because at the end of the day, we’re all different.

And what a beautiful thing that is.



Tan Knit


Can I just say, I feel very business women á la the 90s in this look.

I just feel very sophisticated, sleek, modern and basic. I love basic pieces, I don’t think that’s a secret, but it has me thinking about fashion and what constitutes someone as “fashionable.” When I think of fashion I think of sequins and feathers, stilettos and textured fabrics, but I rarely find myself buying these pieces on a casual scroll through a shopping app. And if I were to see someone in this ensemble posted above and hear them say that they “love all things fashion” I would roll my eyes and say “next.”

However, no matter how simple to look is, a person can still be in love wth all those fancy pieces, but never find them in their rota of things to wear. I suppose it makes you think bout your presentation to the world, and how clothes reveal so much about us, and yet leave so many things untold. Perhaps this is a little off base, but I loved this outfit and felt so comfortable, despite the fact that is was simple and it was 90 degrees outside, but when in California, you do what you gotta do.

Also, I love the high-waist tie around pants. I find them to be fun and comfortable, and a more fun option to that of the traditional slacks. They are super easy to pair, with either an oversized sweater or bodysuit, your sleek and appropriate for in office and out.

And we can all use something as fun and easy like that.



A Page from Carrie Bradshaw


Let’s break down Carrie Bradshaw, shall we?

When one thinks of all the fashion “greats,” as it were, one thinks of moments involving beautifully styled clothes, and a smattering of sartorial blunders, that everyone overlooks due to the sheer confidence the person had when wearing a questionable ensemble. One character I can think of is Carrie Bradshaw.

She often wore outfits on the show that were most peculiar and would not be considered fashionable, or even really a viable option as appropriate dress, but there she was on the show, bouncing around in over layered pieces and odd accessorized outfits. And here I am today, waxing poetic on not the look but the confidence she carried herself with.

Now of course you can say, “That was show, and she had a stylist, of course she wore her wardrobe without a care in the world,” and I suppose that is true, but there are many other people in Fashion who took it one step further without the prompting of a producer. Chanel wore pants and Marc Jacob wore skirts, both created storied fashion houses, and both were confident.

So with that in mind, this little hat inspired me and reminded me that even though it’s not common or expected, it’s fun and it’s fashion. It can be taken off after a long day, and it makes me feel like I’m experimenting and changing up something in my everyday.

So instead of shying away from what I considered to be intimidating I wore it out and enjoyed every minute of it. If you love what you wear, everyone else will have to love it too. Confidence is from within, each accessory or garment is just a reminder along the way.



Structured Sweater Dress


I love how this dress has a slight 50s vibe… or is it 60s? Whatever era I believe it is emulating, one thing for sure is that it’s very mod inspired.

This dress is fun and easy for Fall because it is a sweater material, so it fulfills that desire for a heavier fabric, while still being a dress that’s short and has an open neckline. It’s tricky to dress for the Fall because every place observes a different climate.

It could be pouring rain or 90 degrees and sunny. it’s difficult to know what to gauge, or maybe that’s just me, but I love welcoming Fall pieces that have the silhouette of something more spring time or summer, since the weather doesn’t start cooling down until much later. This piece is also tailored in a fun way that is smart and cool, while still being a fun color. The pumpkin color makes it fun, and takes it away form being serious.

Finding a fun Fall dress you can layer as the season changes is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe because it can give you longevity and fuel your creative side with how the texture of a structured sweater dress can pair with a silk scarf and trench coat, or a fun pair of stockings for Thanksgiving.