Feel Good Looks


Another outfit I feel myself in. This is outfit is the amalgamation of my favorite pieces ever created by man, all paired into one simple outfit that does nothing to turn the head to make a person stop in wonder. It is the most basic pairing, a styled tale as old as time, made up of the best pieces that will never forsake you. Never make you feel less than, are always there to fill your cup when it runneth empty…is this getting existential?

And this outfit is made of the basic principles:

A blazer.

A boyfriend jean.

And a white tee.

Three tried and true pieces that will always be there in your time of need, that will always play nice and keep you looking put together when all is falling apart. They aren’t fussy pieces, they don’t fight or vie for attention, one over the other. You can leave a meeting feeling confident enough to see girlfriends for a cocktail after. They breathe, they’re easy and basically this is just one big soppy sappy love story to pieces I endlessly pair over and over again on this little corner of the forgotten internet. In all seriousness though, there is nothing I love more than a great boyfriend/blazer combo.

Also, spiked at the end with a golden stiletto is the point to my exclamation mark. The final touch that adds a strong foundation, punctuating my confidence down to the last metatarsal. There is something magical that happens when a convergence of great, unsuspecting pieces come together.

Perhaps it’s a testament to the quiet corners of life, the little pockets of unexpected joy that add a pep in our step when the cards are down the last cookie crumbles…

Or perhaps they are just great pieces that are staples for a reason.

I’ll let you decide.



Yellow and Blue


How serendipitous to find yellow umbrellas on a hot summer afternoon? There is nothing quite like it.

It’s almost like finding a little pocket of joy in an unexpected place. Much like this dress. I love a poplin style ensemble that almost looks like an apron, but can be worn outside the kitchen, with the added detail of stripes (not shocking to anyone, I know) but it still it remains as a wonderful go-to during the hot summer months.

A simple dress with some details like stripes and ruffles is the perfect thing to give you some inspiration during the thick of it in the summer heat. I feel near the end of summer is when all ideas are as dried up as the dust swirling beneath our feet. It’s hot and sweaty and exhausting. Waking up each day to get out the door is a labor of a sweat induced chaos. who can even think of layering (typing the word makes me shudder) or pairing anything other than shorts and a tank top when you have something like the sun to contend with?

This is why finding pieces that do all the heavy lifting for you makes it simple and keeps you stylish. A dress like this in white still would have been a great option because the tie in the back is unexpected and the ruffle in the front give the dress dimension. A simple tee and short, while amazing and definitely a fave, can make one feel less inspired and only turns that dial up on the heat factor, and how it may not be going away any time soon.

Finding pieces that think for you, so all you have to concern yourself with is tying a pretty handkerchief on your darling little head, is what the home stretch of summer is all about.



Casual Summer Days


Wow, another white tee. I told you I would be loving this shirt. We all remember these shorts, and how I was lamenting on the heat. Well the heat broke, and it is sufficiently back to June gloom proper weather here in California. Which means we can almost wear shorts and no sleeves, but not quite. Well, I suppose we can in the afternoons, but come morning and evening a sweater is in great demand.

Any who, this outfit is very Hamptons to me. I think the shorts alone read Hamptons or Montauk for the sole fact that they are white and navy-blue striped seersucker. Like, if those are my only requirements, so be it. While I may not be on a far-flung island of New York, I can still don the breathable pieces that the locals and weekend warriors live by during the hotter months and pretend it’s hot and not breezy cool.

Also, in an offbeat path, I was very inspired by Palm Beach, which is adjacent to New York living, since I think all New Yorkers have some hand in the Palm Beach game… but maybe I’m mislead by the Real Housewives of New York? I digress. When I read a book over the weekend titled Palm Beach Wife (and it is exactly how it sounds, a lot of complaining about nothing) I was excited once again by the hotter weather and the summer months to come. So, I suppose something was enjoyed when reading the book. But ultimately, it inspired me to pare it down a bit and be grateful about the little. It stretched me to look at my wardrobe and think about the pieces that stand the test of time, and relish the fact that they will be loved and enjoyed over and over again.

Because that, in and of itself, is a lot.



A Case For Graphic Tees


Feeling funky. Feeling fresh.

OMG me and my sister did a MAJOR haul to the goodwill, and amidst all this pulling and pushing of pieces long ago adored and recently forgotten, we found this gem of a shirt lurking just below the surface. Well, I was reminded of this piece, my sister knew all to well about its presence in the realm of the living.

Alas, the shirt shrunk in the wash resulting in a beloved piece lying untouched but admired in a museum of wishful thinking. Thoughts passing along like haunted dreams of what could have been only to be struck down by the harsh reality of what is. Perhaps this is too ominous.

Let’s break it down.

I have been wanting to take out my silky dress circa last winter out again for a romp, but with a slit up to there and fabric that wrinkles in a snap, I just haven’t found a great excuse to fuss with it…until this green (now baby) tee waltzed out of her closet and into mine.

I could not let this piece go. I love the cartoon, the color, it’s shrunken nature. The cotton fabric element makes it breathable and easy, and it’s a great layering piece over or under given its thinner nature. So, when I took to this piece over my silky slip dress it was, in my opinion, a fun display of color reminiscent of Spring and an ode to the color that will come. I am over black, and I have been for a while, so I am more than excited to welcome a color loving piece into my life that plays nicely with jeans as well and a silk slip.

Also, now that I think about, even pairing it under a slip dress will give the basic piece some life (duh). And a little colorful cartoon poking out never hurt anybody. It makes it summertime appropriate for office to happy hour festivities. Perhaps? Or maybe a more brunch vibe is your style in the realm of cartoon riddled shirts.

Shop tees with perosnali-tee and give that wardrobe a tasteful funny bone.