Now, this can easily go into some basic post about basics and how they’re good for the soul.

Which is true, and on the surface this is what it looks like, but I am not going to wax poetic about a $1,400 dollar purse that will change your life and your styling game in a way to make this purchase more relatable and not so ridiculous. I’m going to instead direct your attention to the nude sweater and tell you, once more, how much I love the camel hue. Everyone loves a neutral, it’s what make us human. While I’m writing this, I’m thinking about how I wanted to add more shimmer into my life. Maybe the glittering purse handle can make up for that? Well, that, and also I have so much glitter on my eyelids it’s INSANE, but my broken camera lens can’t pick up that minute detail, so you will have to believe me.

Anyways, running around in something easy fun and accessible is what I aim to do, and having fun while doing it is an added bonus to otherwise mundane things that life throws at you. So if you love a hue wear it till the color makes you dizzy. Soon the sun will be out and I’ll be able to sit on a beach somewhere and take 82398293 pictures of the four white frocks that look the same but are totally different, and I have a feeling this will be something you’ll be doing too. So, see you there?

Does this make sense?

Shop below my obsession.



A Touch of Shine


Well now the Holidays have come and gone and here we are. In January.

Depending on your field, this month can look very different for many people. It can be the start of busy season, or maybe the kids are finally back in school and it’s the beginning of a more rhythmic season, or maybe it’s all the same and now it’s just January and the cold doesn’t seem so novel anymore. Whatever January symbolizes, something I’ve been thinking about is why must the glitter and fun and soirées stop on January 1st?

Life is one big party and should be celebrated, and to commemorate the fact that there are another 300+ days only on one night seems absurd. This is why I have taken to adding glitter to my make-up whenever I can and pulling out shiny pieces and making them more wearable. Take a lamé top, pared down with a blazer and some jeans, it goes from disco to casual real quick, and it’s still fun. It makes people smile and makes you smile in return. Finding ways to wear clothes that are interesting, but still also versatile is what I want to perfect. That way, when I make a purchase on a sequin shirt and wear it around, it’ll seem casual because I will always be doing something like that.

Then maybe more people will feel inspired and begin to do the same. Then it will look like everyone is going to one big fun fashion party. And what couldn be more exciting than that?



Holiday Gold


The theme of my Holiday is gold.

It’s easily been gold since Thanksgiving. I have done at least 20 gold face masks, my eyeshadow has been gearing towards gold glitter, and now I have this beautiful tuxedo dress in, none other than, gold. Perhaps this is an omen for things to come? If a color follow you around enough, and it’s as bright and cheery as gold, that can only mean good things, right?

Perhaps that’s wishful and untrue thinking, but it was something that caught my eye, much like this dress. I love a good menswear inspired piece. I even love a good menswear proper piece, and when I snagged this beauty form Zara I was overjoyed. With so many social events lining up, there may be some that are more serious and some that are more fun. This I would constitute as more serious because, hello, it’s basically a blazer turned dress, but it’s still fun enough to not be totally boring.

And the fishnets give a bit of a retro vibe to the whole look, which is always an added bonus.



Holiday Errands


I feel like this is very neutral toned and I’m loving it.

While I am gearing towards colorful frocks for all of my fêtes, I definitely like to tone it down whilst running errands around town, and nothing makes me feel like my life is more streamlined than soft neutrals paired seamlessly together (don;t get me started on tan sweaters). Now, we all know I am not one for athleisure wear, and I remain to keep it this way, but when I perusing Goop so innocently one Thursday evening after Thanksgiving I came across this yoga set that I have been eyeing for some time for half off! The combo purchased together was less than the pants alone!

For that price, I can justify wearing this in public to my local juice bar pretty easily. On top of it, running Holiday errands can be a chore and more of a workout than yoga, so I need some sweat wicking material on hand, and this set provides just that. On top of it being a cute blush it holds everything together, because, seriously, the last thing I need to worry about is if something is tugging or pulling me while I’m trying to find the best deals and snag a free gift wrap.

Now I’m far from welcoming athleisure wear into my rota, but this set definitely makes it feel less offensive.



Pieces on Repeat


Well hello!

This perhaps isn’t anything ~new~ but really just an iteration of a mesh top and leather skirt. Which we have seen on the blog definitely thus far.

While this may not be something terribly eye catching or shocking, it’s definitely been on repeat for me as the weather still fluctuates from sunny to freezing and vice versa. For instance it is raining right now, like practically torrential downpour status of rain, and yet earlier this week? Hot and sunny with no clouds in sight. A leather skirt is my personal favorite for this kind of fickle weather, or really any sort of skirt/bootie combo.

It also lets you play around with some fun tights perhaps. This initially was going to be paired with a cute little pair of fishnet sparkle tights, but alas, I forgot them, and there just was absolute no time for a reshoot. So imagine them if you will and shop them below for perhaps a better idea.

Here’s to the tried and true.



Rose Gold


There is nothing better than a silk slip dress, and there is nothing more exciting than when said silk slip dress is the color of a dusty rose.

I love rose hued things. I love Rosé, Rose Gold, Rose Hips, Dusty Rose, you name it I love it. I love rose whether it’s in my drink or on my person, there is something romantic and feminine about such an everyday color. If you think about it, Rose has become more apart of our everyday and I could not be more thrilled, so you can imagine my excitement when I found this everyday staple of a dress in a color that is a little bit more exciting than your normal nude.

This season I have been loving nude hues. I have probably about ten sweaters all the same color of tan, and I couldn’t even tell you why, much apart from the fact that it just feels right. It is so nice to know that if I go into my closet, I will have a sweater that pairs with my red pants just as well as my black pants. It’s a neutral and it’s transitional, two things I always seem to need from my closet. There is nothing more transitional than a slip dress. I can layer under or over and have a great hit every time.

It makes for a solid base to work my pieces around, and the color gives it a bit of glamour while still being easy to pair and style. This dress is great for that office party, or for your family’s annual Christmas fête. When the Holidays become too much, the last thing you need to worry about is your ensemble.





So the time has come where we are pulling coats over our sweaters and trying to bundle up as much as possible in the mornings and evenings without sacrificing style.

As a Californian, I love to don on my coats and sweaters and jackets. I love how a perfectly tailored peacoat makes my jeans and t-shirts look sophisticated and urban. I love the clacking of a leather soled boot hitting the pavements and floors of office buildings. I love how a Winter wardrobe can demand attention in a way a Summer and Spring wardrobe can’t. The textures are rich and so are the colors. The story of a Fall to Winter ensemble is brimming with sophistication and demands we all take notice.

Even the sequins come around to play more this time of year, causing us to all top and stare and take a little bit longer with how we’re looking. I mean, after all, if we are forced to stay in longer and be less social, we’ll probably start to taking a look at ourselves more closely and pay attention to what we really need, which is a little extra sparkle.

So with my pea coats and trench coats coming out of hiding and back into my everyday rota, I noticed I had this wonderful Kimono! This is the antithesis to structure and sophistication. It’s undone and bohemian and makes something like a turtle neck and shiny leather pants a bit more artsy. I love that it brings color and that it makes the outfit fun and can keep me warm, but also allows ventilation for when those California winter days feel more like an indian summer.

So while I am extremely excited to be wearing a peacoat come January, I am happy to also find this transitional piece that brings a little more whimsy to my everyday.



Something Special


In keeping with the white and black theme, and white garments spun from wool, here’s another basic Fall look that can help you get through the Holiday’s.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow (Happy early Thanksgiving), and much food to be had, a simple easy slip dress makes for an enjoyable way to spend the Holiday. Normally, I’m not a person that preaches sweat pants so you can stuff another helping of mash potatoes in your face, but having a garment like a dress does make the whole overeating thing seem not as obvious.

Also, the velvet texture is something that is fun for a holiday party. I love seeing the Holiday adverts pop about town. All of the jewel toned hues clashing with bursts of glitter on rich velvets and silks makes for a feeling of warmth. There’s something inviting about seeing a Sephora ad with the model’s eyeshadow done is pure glitter to make you excited for your next Holiday Fête.

So whether your wearing jeans, sweat pants or a dress, adding a little bit of Holiday glam can make that normal everyday item a little extra special.