Time Travel

With so much going on between the change of the season and the holidays looming on the horizon, I have been feeling very nostalgic. Fashion is a great way for me to recharge and to reimagine the way I see my world when I'm in a particularly confusing season of my life. When I feel that my perspective is changing in my life, or even as I sense myself changing and evolving into a new version of myself, I always turn towards my closet to help me present my metamorphosis.

With all of the new looks and trends hitting the runways, it's ironic to be thinking of a more distant past. As I'm transitioning and entering into a new phase of my life, looking back at vintage Vogues and ads has me feeling centered once more. Even sifting through consignment shop with vintage pieces, or even a goodwill, has me feeling centered amidst a chaos of gilded butterflies swarming around me.

Even though this post is inspiration only, I hope you find some solace and respite during this busy season and enjoy the few pictures that spoke to me!



I hope you enjoyed my mood board filed with vintage relics of past.