Halloween Favorites!

The autumn time is filled with so many favorites of mine, as I'm sure you can already tell. Nothing is better than crisp air and crunchy leaves breaking under my boot clad feet with a warm pumpkin spice latte in hand. While the weather may refuse to cool down, that doesn't stop me from buying into the autumnal fragrances and partaking in the fun Halloween activities. Below are a few things to help you get in the fall mood, even if the weather outside is preventing you from wearing your best fall ensembles.


This pumpkin bubble bar from Lush is an amazing addition to any fall night in. The sparkle from the pumpkin leaves the bath looking like a sparkly galaxy filled with autumnal scents. The added bonus of the cinnamon stick "stem" adds to the spicy notes found within the cute little bubble bar!

This bath bomb from Lush has got to be my favorite one this year. While the Christmas products come around, and the bath bombs are filled with glitter and color, this leaf truly captures the essence of fall and autumn in every way. The leaf leaves your bath with the beautiful warm colors of fall, while the notes from the bath bomb make you feel as if you are traversing through the woods after a rain. The crisp scent will leave you feeling ready for fall and the winter up ahead

This bath bomb definitely gets you in the Halloween Spirit. With the face of the bath bomb looking like a pumpkin itself, once the bomb hits the tub you'll feel even more in the Spirit for Halloween than ever before. The sweet vanilla notes wrapped in cinnamon, makes the bath both soothing and peaceful to help you unwind after a particularly long day.


No fall night would be complete without a candle burning in the home somewhere. This candle from Bath and Body Works is notorious for being a favorite during this time of the year. With the scent not only having crisp notes, but also laced with spice tones, the overall effect makes the home smell like a crisp fall day, minus the drying weather!

This final one is far sweeter than it is crisp and light. This one I currently have burning in my room, and I couldn't be happier. It smells just as sweet as pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream on top. The orange of the candle also adds to the Halloween/Fall decorations around the house. The candle helps to get me ready for Thanksgiving and excited for all the pie and fun memories to come. This one would be great for someone who loves sweeter scents as opposed to fresh ones. 

Last, but certainly not least, no Halloween night or Autumn day would be complete without a playlist. Here are a few songs I'm loving to jam out to as the Holiday approaches. While I feel at time Halloween playlists can be over rated (like how many times can we hear the Monster Mash?) this playlist I have curated, I feel, gathers up all the best Halloween tunes with a touch of rock and roll.

Stay spooky my friends.



*all options are my own, this post was not sponsored*