PFW Spring '17

Paris fashion week always has a feeling of grandeur attached to it. Paris, after all, remains to be one of the premier fashion destiantions of the world. The city itself is nothing short of a romantic masterpiece combined with gothic elements. The fashions that debuted down the runways were timeless. Each show had its own unique element, as they usually do, but they also all had an underlying theme. There was a sense of love found and lost. Amongst the gorgeous chiffon and silk gowns that traversed down the catwalk, there was a sense of sadness. Perhaps it was an off day for the models, or the lights were more dim than usual, but there was a feeling of romance with an added feeling of noir lurking in the corners of the fashions shown. The feeling of young love found and lost before it ever really truly evolved.


Here are a few shows I’m loving.

Alexander McQueen: First of all, who does not love Alexander McQueen and all that Sarah Burton does for this house of fashion wonders. The runway itself was a mix of dark and light elements that translated to the clothes that the models were wearing. In true McQueen fashion, the show was nothing short of romantic with a dark brooding quality attached to it. There was something so hauntingly beautiful about each piece that floated on and off the runway. When you think that the pieces created couldn’t possibly be any more breathtaking, there comes another piece making you totally pass out. The structure of each piece was immaculate. Each garment correlated with the other to truly make you feel as if you are watching a story unfold. The garments begin soft with crème colors and leather touches, then the silk ruffles begin to shape throughout the pieces almost blending in the with runway. Finally, the pieces unveiled are form fitting with beautiful appliqués of sequin and lace. The final pieces look as the dresses had literally washed up to shore. The sequin design of a wave crashing down and dissolving into “sea foam” at the bottom of the dress was absolutely stunning and unexpected. Each piece parlayed into an era far removed from the one we live in, and showcased just how whimsical and mysterious fashion can be.

Valentino: Valentino is always a delight. With the soft pinks and deep reds, mixed with peach-nudes, the whole show is reminiscent of youthful love. I, personally, always found the Valentino fashion house to be rooted in the innocence of love. I absolutely adore and admire how the clothes can make me feel girlish and naïve, even if it’s just a silk column dress. The backdrop of the show gave into the overall feel of an old fashioned decade. The velvet slippers traipsing on a polished wood floor covered with thick wool rugs made me think of simpler times where sneaking out to meet your love was forbidden but oh so worth every risk. The colors used throughout the show gave the looks that touch of light they needed. While a beautiful silk column gown is gorgeous, the colorfully paneled lace tulle dresses shown reminds us that we are still young at heart. 

Olympia Le-Tan: Amidst all of the deconstructed, romantic looks showing at PFW, the show from Olympia Le-Tan was a nice commercial break. The whole vibe of the show felt very punk to me. It took me back to time where anything goes! You love that sequin skirt that has cartoon images of lips and peace signs? Girl, you go for it. I loved the edgy cool-girl vibes that was served on the runway. Each look was unique and demanded your attention. Even down to the makeup and hair, nothing was left untouched by the designer. I personally love clothes that tell a story and have endless personality, and I feel that Olympia Le-Tan did just that. The different cartoon appliqués juxtaposed with school-girl like materials made me feel excited to repupose every piece of clothing I have floating in my closet. I love anything that has sass, and this show did not disappoint.

Until next time, Fashion Month!