In The Land Downunder

Australia was quite an adventure. After two days of non-stop travel, we finally landed in the beautiful land of Sydney. The salty sea air was definitely a welcome change from the cities I had stayed in previously. The scenery was beautiful and there was so much to see and do. Wildlife and nature is a huge part of what makes up Australia, so being immersed in this more nature-type setting was a welcome reprieve from bustling taxis and crowded streets.


Australia is definitely a unique country. Even though it was summer when I went, in Australia their winter was just beginning. This called for a lot of layering and being creative with my clothing choices. Even though it was colder when I left the hotel each day, I would soon become hot from walking around the city. Layering has never been one of strong suits when it comes to styling since I tend to become overwhelmed with all the garments I could potentially pair together, however, having a sweater with a light trench coat and scarf was the perfect mix. 

One of the best days spent in Sydney was at Bondi Beach. The waves were so large and the water was so blue. The sand felt like powder between my toes. Watching the waves crash beneath my feet made me think of how expansive this world is and how fortunate we are to be apart of it. Even though my clothes along this whole journey were repeated or I became frustrated with minimal options, sitting on that outlook pouring my thoughts out onto the ocean in front of me made any travel woes worth it.

Though my travels come to an end with this last post, I will never forget all that I have learned from the different cities I traveled to. In London I learned that patience is key to not losing your sanity when faced with a new city with new rules completely different from what you know. In Vienna I learned that taking it slow through life does not necessarily mean your falling behind, it just means your time is coming. In Sydney I learned that this world is beautiful and that this life is to be cherished. In the end what one puts into life will comeback to them. Even though my travels end here for now, I hope to keep these thoughts with me in anything venture I pursue.

Love, Mo