Velvet Dresses


I love velvet.

To be honest, I'vw always appreciated velvet, but I never really got the chance to explore my true love of all things velvet until it became a trend  they massed produce for everyone to wear. I love velvet socks, stockings, blazer, skirts, pant and dresses!

Especially dresses.

They are so fun and easy to pair and play with. Especially since fall can be that weird month where it's kinda cold, but not really that cold, and you find yourself sweating in your sweater by noon because the weather didn't quite get the memo that you were wearing a sweater today *eye roll*

Any who, not only do I love velvet but I'm also living for this 90s-esque textile. Like can I get an amen for the basic spaghetti strap maxi dress? AMEN!

It's so chic, so simple and can be layered under or over. Also, you can pair this with some funky heels or combat boots. I love the idea of pairing this with som docs and fishnets. I don't know if I could pull it off, but that would be a look.