Work it Out

Spring is in the air, and it's a beautiful thing. The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer, which means I am getting out more and more. The new season means more opportunities for new beginnings and habits.

A habit I am constantly trying to implement, but rarely succeed at doing, is creating and following a workout schedule. I always begin to create a routine, but then I become bored or lazy, or worse, I begin to try to find ways out of the schedule I've placed for myself. It's like I'm literally trying to defy my own rules that I have so carefully and thoughtfully placed before me in order to make me a better person. Like, helloooo, can I please just get the memo that having a routine is not a death sentence?

So, in order to help move me along my path of well being, I naturally assigned those closest to me goals they need to reach for their own well-being. Rationally speaking, if you work towards something with others, you are more likely to reach your goals. However, while they may not be the most jazzed about their new work-out routines, I will continue to lie to myself and say that they are in fact jazzed and following it just as religiously as I am in order for me to actually become committed to my routine.

Below are a few of the workouts I've been loving, along with an app called DailyYoga. Honestly, doing any sort of workout at least once a day is a goal for me this summer. Waking up early to just walk a mile is good in my book. While I'm all about the regimen, I need to give myself wiggle room somewhere... and there I go again cutting corners.

Wish me luck.

Super Fun Easy Work Out: 

For the Yoga Enthusiast:

For the Not so Flexibly Inclined:

And you need to look cute while doing it: