Home Deco

Lately, I have been feeling all kinds of inspired from my surroundings. Whether I'm at the mall, sitting at my desk, or taking a walk down the street, something catches my eye and makes me pause to think about all the splendor around me. 

A beautiful surrounding can inspire and ignite creatively charged ideas, and can help breathe life back into a monotonous routine. When it comes to styling a look or creating a feeling, we often pull inspiration from the little knick-knacks we have surrounding us.

For example, I have a Johnathan Adler match-holder that is shaped like a pipe and takes up residency on my desk.

Do I need it? No.

Is it cute? Duh.

Does it take me right back to the time the I bought this spur of the moment purchase and all the feelings and emotions attached to it? Most definitely.

While most if the items on this list may seem "useless" taking the time to decorate your space with as much thought and care as our wardrobe is necessary in order to breed more ideas and find that spark we're looking for!

Also, if you happen to be going to a housewarming party, there are few options in this list that the hostess is sure to love (I'm looking at you little secrets jar 😉) or maybe this is the perfect excuse to pick up something just because you'e awesome.