Fall Trends

Ahhh Fashion week...month... whatever... is happening currently as I write this, as you read this, but will soon be ending, and with it comes the dictation of all that we will be wearing for the next few months. While I love to see how trends come and go, rarely do I find myself LOVING any of it. However, I must say, the past few seasons I have been obsessed with most of everything the fashion gods have been throwing my way, and I am more than excited to fill up my closet with the cheeky pieces hitting shelves this autumn. 

Mostly, my round-up includes these little goodies:



Florals (groundbreaking)


Boxy Silhouettes


Suits (by suits they mean blazers 😉)


Checkered Patterns/ Patterns in General


For me a trend is hard to determine as anything significant because any glossy/blogger will have you believing different things and ultimately leave you confused. While trends come and go, style is truly everlasting and should be at the focus of your shopping come any season, BUT it's still fun to shop and have an excuse to do so.




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