White & Blue


Ahhh, Spring is here. Well, kinda. it's been hot and cold, but mostly just cold, when it comes to the weather as of late, but if it was warmer, this is something I would be wearing. I know this skirt has been floating around here before, but it's because the pieces in my closet are versatile, and this is a styling blog for real pieces I that really own, no? So it makes it all the more practical.

Also, I love a good midi-lengthen anything. It makes me feel super femme and demure, even though I'm not always. Also, how fun are these stripes. I love this shirt because it's a twist on a classic style and makes me feel all the more polished for it. I love a good blue and white combo, so this makes me feel nautical and spring-like all in one. Also, how fun is that basket. I am here for the woven things that are parading down my shopping feed.

I love how rustic it all feels, you know? Like, super organic and one with earth. I am really loving what all the summer editorials are about this season. A lot of linens, white button-downs, woven baskets, red lips and gold medallion necklaces. I feel very ethereal. like, why can't I just live in a bohemian cocoon and wear these pieces forevermore. I am actually excited for the weather to heat up so I can wear all of my white dresses and basically have an excuse to buy more, but for now, this easy look is what I'll be donning whilst sailing on into the spring season.