Pink Culotte


I love a turtleneck and a culotte. Two things that I think can come off quite pretentious. Honestly, all this outfit needs is a beret and some skinny framed sunnies to make complete the trendy trifecta of overused, over-saturated, trendy products.

While I probably do fall into the trend category, and probably have more than enough to show for it, I really do like simple pieces that can be timeless. Do I think a culotte is timeless? Not really. Do I think a turtleneck is timeless? Absolutely. So maybe combining the two makes for an outfit that can kind of transcend time as I bumble thorough my little life. Is this too existential? Maybe it isn't enough, or maybe it's asking too much of my clothes, but I always am. Oddly enough, this week I'm serving you with two culotte looks. Crazy I know. So hopefully that will inspire you to venture out into the land of unknown as far as your trousers are concerned. Or maybe it'll just make you shop.

Either way, it sounds like an inspirational voyage to me.