A Touch of Florals


Does this count as a floral dress?

Maybe only to me because it has bursts of pink blooms paired with drawn on stars, but for me this is as floral as it gets at the moment. It's not that I'm opposed to floral prints, I mean they really do help one get in the mood for spring and sun and all things fun, but it's not something I find myself pulling much of for my personal wardrobe. 

I mean I do have one floral maxi dress, but the flowers are against a backdrop of black, so... does that count for spring?

Anywho, this dress is so fun and cute and most flattering since the seam for the waist hits at my waist. I love a good waist moment. I mean, most of the things I wear are high waisted, so having the dress seam at my waist gives me that comfort of what I'm used to. Paired with a  fun pattern makes this dress my go to for many, many occasions.

I love that it will soon become warm enough to wear dresses everyday. Not excited it for it to be hot to the point of melting, but it's a small price to pay.