Cotton Pieces


These pictures may be a bit dark and slightly...moody...dare I say? And now is not the time to be moody. The sun is out. Shining bright! And I am giddy with excitement. Now I shall wear my five summer dresses all in a row and cry about melting like a popsicle... so predictable is the human cycle.

Regardless, this is the best outfit for how the weather has been lately. We are officially in warmer weather, thank God, but it's back to those predictably unpredictable days of spring where it is below freezing and gloomy the morning, only to become blazing hot mid afternoon and to do the whole thing over again when the sun goes down.

Light cotton pieces you can layer are perfect for that type of weather.

They are breathable, yet layering them keeps you warm enough between the buildings and cars you're bound to run back and forth between. I also love the boys club type of sweaters. They are so preppy, yet so relaxed, and perfect for any time of the year or season. Like, yes, I could wear this while curled up on the couch next to the fire during the winter, or on a boat in the hamptons at dusk in July. Great for layering, and the white and blue hues play nicely with most any color scheme, and is a softer choice than black.

And, besides, color is always a welcome option with the heat up ahead.