Rock N' Roll


Can I even say that this look is rock n' roll if I'm as pale as a ghost, and the only thing kinda edgy about this look is the fact that my shirt has Gun's N' Roses on it? Which, by the way, is a band I do know past their song "Sweet Child Of Mine." 

So, yes, maybe I am a bit rock n' roll in this ensemble. Personally, I feel like this blazer is very Harry Styles, and he is a total style icon of mine. Isn't that interesting how we can have style icons. Is that even interesting or am I just being insular about this? I also find it charming that we can evolve our style. It's such a wonderful and unique experience to wake up one day and think "I want to channel Mick Jagger" or "I want to channel Audrey Hepburn." It's crazy how our styles can evolve and reflect that.

Since fashion is something I hold so near and dear to my heart, I tend to take certain feelings I'm having and channel that into a my wardrobe (shocker). Like this time last year I was really into the 70s, and I usually abhor the 70s. There is nothing glamorous about a shag haircut or mod clothing, but I really liked the layback attitude of the era. The hippie movement and all of that peace and love nonsense. I was feeling very transient in my own life, so I adopted the fashion of a time that I believe to be a little more bohemian.... This is a weird tangent, but this tee and paisley blazer bring it all back.