Winter Stripes


Ahhh yes. Winter still beats its drum on. Even thought the pictures last week had me sweating in the sun celebrating a holiday that is in the dead of winter, the weather is back to its gloomy tune. Which is something that I am completely fine with. In fact I prefer it. I love how colder weather can give one the excuse "Of ooohhh sorry. Can't. It's raining outside, and I need to wash my hair and, oh, look at the time, *yawn* geeze, is it that late?" Or something to that effect.

While I do love to socialize and galavant around town, I find much more solace in staying at home, reading a book and snuggling in bed at a more early hour. Right now I am reading Charles Bukowski. And by reading, I mean I am only two books away from finishing all the books he published while he was living. You could say I had a winter project or something like that.

I love how this season, even though it may be cold and dreary, doesn't really ask much from us and expects very little in return. When summer comes around, staying inside feels like a sin, and there's always something to do and somewhere to travel to that staying indoors feels like an insult to your youth. Winter is just easier, much like this cozy sweater and leather skirt situation. Throw on an oversized overcoat and you're good.

No matter the winter, outfits should always be easy.