Patterns and Colors


Well helllooo beautiful golden sweater.

I must say, I have been loving the Fall weather lately, and it’s about time that the weather has turned. It even rained recently, which something both unexpected but much welcomed. What can I say about this look, it’s fun and easy and pairs two things I want to incorporate more into my wardrobe: color and pattern.

I feel that color and pattern can be two very daunting things, but if added subtly, it can soon overcome your wardrobe in a very quiet and much welcomed way. This skirt is something I have been loving lately. I love that it’s a simple slip, it goes with most anything, and the color of the pattern is easy to pair. It’s a neutral that doesn’t distract from the ensemble or the person wearing it, because Lord knows I have enough personality without the added help of a garment.

And this golden sweater is everything Fall, and maybe even Spring? If I play my cards right, I might be able to parlay this sweater for more than just one season.