Colors of Fall


Can you say “Autumn?”

This look has all the beautiful golden colors of Fall, including some gorgeous pumpkins, and it was all by accident!

So imagine, you’re scrolling through your favorite fashion site (or really any fashion site) you put a bunch of stuff in your bag and hit check out.

that beautiful package of clothing comes to your door and you find that they’re all some sort of Fall hue. You have your burnt pumpkin, your golden yellows and deep cranberries. This is exactly what happened to me when I purchased these two pieces, totally NOT thinking about how this would all come to be. I found it to be very exciting and quite the welcome color palette to my wardrobe. considering I had been lacking in all those colors.

I mean, when I say I love Fall, it is clearly no joke. Subconsciously I am pulling Autumnal hues, all without trying! And this top is fun, not only in color, but also in functionality. While I normally don’t go for a crop top, the color and open back was something I couldn’t pass up, and is also something wonderful for the transitional season of Fall. When it’s crisp enough to have a sweater, but too hot to commit to one, this sweater comes in handy.

Which makes me think, while wearing something with an open back might be a bit unnerving at first, it really does make for a fun and unexpected look. I never really think abut open back pieces until they arrive and then I’m like, “Wow, my back is out there in the world.”

Enough rambling, buy a piece and try one for yourself. Who knows, it could change your life.