Structured Sweater Dress


I love how this dress has a slight 50s vibe… or is it 60s? Whatever era I believe it is emulating, one thing for sure is that it’s very mod inspired.

This dress is fun and easy for Fall because it is a sweater material, so it fulfills that desire for a heavier fabric, while still being a dress that’s short and has an open neckline. It’s tricky to dress for the Fall because every place observes a different climate.

It could be pouring rain or 90 degrees and sunny. it’s difficult to know what to gauge, or maybe that’s just me, but I love welcoming Fall pieces that have the silhouette of something more spring time or summer, since the weather doesn’t start cooling down until much later. This piece is also tailored in a fun way that is smart and cool, while still being a fun color. The pumpkin color makes it fun, and takes it away form being serious.

Finding a fun Fall dress you can layer as the season changes is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe because it can give you longevity and fuel your creative side with how the texture of a structured sweater dress can pair with a silk scarf and trench coat, or a fun pair of stockings for Thanksgiving.