All Hallow's Eve


Oooohh, another all black ensemble, well it is Halloween. So, Happy Halloween!

It is the most wonderful time of the year. I know that sentiment might normally be synonymous with Christmas, but to me now is when I feel most happy and in the Holiday Spirit. I love how everything about Halloween is effortless and fun and silly. How it marks the beginning of the Holidays to come, and is in the middle of a wonderful season change. I love how the leaves turn colors and how sweaters and earlier nights in become the norm. I feel rested and ready to focus in on what I want to to do and what my passions and interests are.

This is all becoming insular, but you get it. I feel this time of year is when I can happily stay home and read and fall to bed at 8 without feeling guilty for missing out on something. Also, how fun is this look. It definitely ties into the Vampira trend we have going on here, and it’s super easy and simple to throw on a mesh top with a simple slip dress. It seems like it’s a bigger deal than it is because the sleeves are quite extravagant, which I love.

I love a dramatic moment wrapped in sparkles, and this top is giving me all that. Also, don’t we love the lone little pumpkin in the background? very festive, I know.

So on that note, have a lovely Holiday. Happy Halloween!