Tan Knit


Can I just say, I feel very business women á la the 90s in this look.

I just feel very sophisticated, sleek, modern and basic. I love basic pieces, I don’t think that’s a secret, but it has me thinking about fashion and what constitutes someone as “fashionable.” When I think of fashion I think of sequins and feathers, stilettos and textured fabrics, but I rarely find myself buying these pieces on a casual scroll through a shopping app. And if I were to see someone in this ensemble posted above and hear them say that they “love all things fashion” I would roll my eyes and say “next.”

However, no matter how simple to look is, a person can still be in love wth all those fancy pieces, but never find them in their rota of things to wear. I suppose it makes you think bout your presentation to the world, and how clothes reveal so much about us, and yet leave so many things untold. Perhaps this is a little off base, but I loved this outfit and felt so comfortable, despite the fact that is was simple and it was 90 degrees outside, but when in California, you do what you gotta do.

Also, I love the high-waist tie around pants. I find them to be fun and comfortable, and a more fun option to that of the traditional slacks. They are super easy to pair, with either an oversized sweater or bodysuit, your sleek and appropriate for in office and out.

And we can all use something as fun and easy like that.