Pieces on Repeat


Well hello!

This perhaps isn’t anything ~new~ but really just an iteration of a mesh top and leather skirt. Which we have seen on the blog definitely thus far.

While this may not be something terribly eye catching or shocking, it’s definitely been on repeat for me as the weather still fluctuates from sunny to freezing and vice versa. For instance it is raining right now, like practically torrential downpour status of rain, and yet earlier this week? Hot and sunny with no clouds in sight. A leather skirt is my personal favorite for this kind of fickle weather, or really any sort of skirt/bootie combo.

It also lets you play around with some fun tights perhaps. This initially was going to be paired with a cute little pair of fishnet sparkle tights, but alas, I forgot them, and there just was absolute no time for a reshoot. So imagine them if you will and shop them below for perhaps a better idea.

Here’s to the tried and true.