Something Special


In keeping with the white and black theme, and white garments spun from wool, here’s another basic Fall look that can help you get through the Holiday’s.

With Thanksgiving tomorrow (Happy early Thanksgiving), and much food to be had, a simple easy slip dress makes for an enjoyable way to spend the Holiday. Normally, I’m not a person that preaches sweat pants so you can stuff another helping of mash potatoes in your face, but having a garment like a dress does make the whole overeating thing seem not as obvious.

Also, the velvet texture is something that is fun for a holiday party. I love seeing the Holiday adverts pop about town. All of the jewel toned hues clashing with bursts of glitter on rich velvets and silks makes for a feeling of warmth. There’s something inviting about seeing a Sephora ad with the model’s eyeshadow done is pure glitter to make you excited for your next Holiday Fête.

So whether your wearing jeans, sweat pants or a dress, adding a little bit of Holiday glam can make that normal everyday item a little extra special.