Ciao, Bella


Okay, I feel this is very Italian inspired even if there is nothing really Italian about this whole scene besides the “Ciao, Bella” inscribed on my sweatshirt.

What I like about this look, and this season, is that a slightly oversized sweater layered over a turtleneck passes for an acceptable Fall outfit.

There aren’t many pully systems or crazy textures happening, and the fun inscription makes for a playful touch to something that is commonly worn. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly enjoy clothes with inscriptions doodled about, I find them to be distracting and uninteresting and also it’s just like, why? Why do I need something that says “Hell yea, tacos!” written on a simple easy white t-shirt? However, I enjoy that this is black and white, and it’s a fun little inscription that lines up with my ethos of to always keep it moving.

Also, the sweater is layered with a turtleneck underneath. With the sweater being mostly wool, it can be very itchy, and the turtle neck helps save my skin from the irritation of the rough fabric. Also, it’s nice because I am not wearing a coat so I can still feel light and move about my day quickly with out fussing with another garment.

This layered look is easy, and adding a fun twist on something we will be wearing pretty constantly as the weather changes, makes it all the more enjoyable.