So the time has come where we are pulling coats over our sweaters and trying to bundle up as much as possible in the mornings and evenings without sacrificing style.

As a Californian, I love to don on my coats and sweaters and jackets. I love how a perfectly tailored peacoat makes my jeans and t-shirts look sophisticated and urban. I love the clacking of a leather soled boot hitting the pavements and floors of office buildings. I love how a Winter wardrobe can demand attention in a way a Summer and Spring wardrobe can’t. The textures are rich and so are the colors. The story of a Fall to Winter ensemble is brimming with sophistication and demands we all take notice.

Even the sequins come around to play more this time of year, causing us to all top and stare and take a little bit longer with how we’re looking. I mean, after all, if we are forced to stay in longer and be less social, we’ll probably start to taking a look at ourselves more closely and pay attention to what we really need, which is a little extra sparkle.

So with my pea coats and trench coats coming out of hiding and back into my everyday rota, I noticed I had this wonderful Kimono! This is the antithesis to structure and sophistication. It’s undone and bohemian and makes something like a turtle neck and shiny leather pants a bit more artsy. I love that it brings color and that it makes the outfit fun and can keep me warm, but also allows ventilation for when those California winter days feel more like an indian summer.

So while I am extremely excited to be wearing a peacoat come January, I am happy to also find this transitional piece that brings a little more whimsy to my everyday.