A Page from Carrie Bradshaw


Let’s break down Carrie Bradshaw, shall we?

When one thinks of all the fashion “greats,” as it were, one thinks of moments involving beautifully styled clothes, and a smattering of sartorial blunders, that everyone overlooks due to the sheer confidence the person had when wearing a questionable ensemble. One character I can think of is Carrie Bradshaw.

She often wore outfits on the show that were most peculiar and would not be considered fashionable, or even really a viable option as appropriate dress, but there she was on the show, bouncing around in over layered pieces and odd accessorized outfits. And here I am today, waxing poetic on not the look but the confidence she carried herself with.

Now of course you can say, “That was show, and she had a stylist, of course she wore her wardrobe without a care in the world,” and I suppose that is true, but there are many other people in Fashion who took it one step further without the prompting of a producer. Chanel wore pants and Marc Jacob wore skirts, both created storied fashion houses, and both were confident.

So with that in mind, this little hat inspired me and reminded me that even though it’s not common or expected, it’s fun and it’s fashion. It can be taken off after a long day, and it makes me feel like I’m experimenting and changing up something in my everyday.

So instead of shying away from what I considered to be intimidating I wore it out and enjoyed every minute of it. If you love what you wear, everyone else will have to love it too. Confidence is from within, each accessory or garment is just a reminder along the way.