A Touch of Shine


Well now the Holidays have come and gone and here we are. In January.

Depending on your field, this month can look very different for many people. It can be the start of busy season, or maybe the kids are finally back in school and it’s the beginning of a more rhythmic season, or maybe it’s all the same and now it’s just January and the cold doesn’t seem so novel anymore. Whatever January symbolizes, something I’ve been thinking about is why must the glitter and fun and soirées stop on January 1st?

Life is one big party and should be celebrated, and to commemorate the fact that there are another 300+ days only on one night seems absurd. This is why I have taken to adding glitter to my make-up whenever I can and pulling out shiny pieces and making them more wearable. Take a lamé top, pared down with a blazer and some jeans, it goes from disco to casual real quick, and it’s still fun. It makes people smile and makes you smile in return. Finding ways to wear clothes that are interesting, but still also versatile is what I want to perfect. That way, when I make a purchase on a sequin shirt and wear it around, it’ll seem casual because I will always be doing something like that.

Then maybe more people will feel inspired and begin to do the same. Then it will look like everyone is going to one big fun fashion party. And what couldn be more exciting than that?