Holiday Errands


I feel like this is very neutral toned and I’m loving it.

While I am gearing towards colorful frocks for all of my fêtes, I definitely like to tone it down whilst running errands around town, and nothing makes me feel like my life is more streamlined than soft neutrals paired seamlessly together (don;t get me started on tan sweaters). Now, we all know I am not one for athleisure wear, and I remain to keep it this way, but when I perusing Goop so innocently one Thursday evening after Thanksgiving I came across this yoga set that I have been eyeing for some time for half off! The combo purchased together was less than the pants alone!

For that price, I can justify wearing this in public to my local juice bar pretty easily. On top of it, running Holiday errands can be a chore and more of a workout than yoga, so I need some sweat wicking material on hand, and this set provides just that. On top of it being a cute blush it holds everything together, because, seriously, the last thing I need to worry about is if something is tugging or pulling me while I’m trying to find the best deals and snag a free gift wrap.

Now I’m far from welcoming athleisure wear into my rota, but this set definitely makes it feel less offensive.