Holiday Gold


The theme of my Holiday is gold.

It’s easily been gold since Thanksgiving. I have done at least 20 gold face masks, my eyeshadow has been gearing towards gold glitter, and now I have this beautiful tuxedo dress in, none other than, gold. Perhaps this is an omen for things to come? If a color follow you around enough, and it’s as bright and cheery as gold, that can only mean good things, right?

Perhaps that’s wishful and untrue thinking, but it was something that caught my eye, much like this dress. I love a good menswear inspired piece. I even love a good menswear proper piece, and when I snagged this beauty form Zara I was overjoyed. With so many social events lining up, there may be some that are more serious and some that are more fun. This I would constitute as more serious because, hello, it’s basically a blazer turned dress, but it’s still fun enough to not be totally boring.

And the fishnets give a bit of a retro vibe to the whole look, which is always an added bonus.