White Shirt Realness


Is there anything better than a great button-up shirt? I don't think so. Clearly I have an obsession with classic pieces that have a more relaxed vibe. Actually, maybe is isn't that obvious. Well, I have an obsession with it on others. I love a more oversized fit, as seen above. I like how it's a more relaxed take on the classic look. A white button-up is a piece that will always be in fashion, and is great for transitional weather. While it's not exactly spring yet, the clock has changed and the days are starting to become longer which means warm thoughts are coming to mind. It also means people will start becoming more careless soon. When there is a weather change, people tend to become more relaxed and forget about little things like locking their car doors or where they placed their lipstick... interesting, right? Well, that was a completely random bit of information, but it's always something that goes through my mind as the weather changes and it's one of my favorite things about transitional seasons. It gives everyone a sense of newness with the arrival of a different temperature. So why not start fresh with a  crisp white shirt?

Or a deconstructed one at least.