Drop Waist


Can you tell that is is a drop waist dress?

Does it even matter, or did I just need title for this post, because titles can sometimes be the WORST.

Anyways, I love this dress. I love the fabric, I love how loose it is, I love how comfortable it is, I love that it's a deep navy blue not black, I just can't get enough. Yet, everyone around me keeps telling me I look absolutely terrible in this dress, and that the dress itself is heinous. Now I would say my heart is broken, but I really don't give a damn. I think style is personal, and I think that if you believe in what you're wearing, everyone else will too. I came to this conclusion my senior year in college. To be honest with you, I came to a  lot of conclusions my senior year of college that I wish I came to earlier, but whatever.

It was in my graphic design class and I had thrown on a chunky necklace that I had just received in the mail. Like tore that package open and threw on the necklace on my way to class sort of gig. I was so excited about this necklace, it had chains and a huge rhinestone pendant thing and it was just all sorts of amazing. I had on a ripped jean jacket, skinnies, and a band tee and now this necklace. Someone in class had commented saying that they loved the necklace and they wished they could wear something as bold, and I was like GURL you can.

That's when I realized that you can wear ANYTHING you want. Life is filled with too much darkness, so find light where you can. If that's in a  necklace, then wear the necklace, and that is exactly what I told that girl. She looked at me like I took it all too seriously, but it's so true.

Was this story necessary? Who knows.

Is anything.