In keeping with the theme of stripes, adding a striped button down with a  gypsy-esque duster takes this look and makes it more casual.

And those of you who are actually identify your style as "bohemian" are probably thinking: "is this girl for real?"

And yes, in fact, this girl is for real.

Regardless, I love a good deconstructed bohemian look, but that sort of styling just does't run in my veins. I had grown up favoring the preppy side of things. It's not like I looked like Blair Waldorf or anything, but if I could, I totally would have look like her in a heartbeat. Now I favor a more grungy look with a  few tailored pieces mixed in. I love my white shirts and loafers, but every now and then, a ripped jean and a leather jacket need to take center stage. Life is crazy, and wardrobes are crazy, and finding a style to match your voice is crazy. Who knows, maybe in a few years time I'll love crop tops and mini skirts and refuse to wear anything but that.

I don't foresee that, but life is a crazy ride.