Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day!

I am sure you are all exploding with as much excitement as the confetti hearts in these pictures.

Also, that total babe with me in these pictures is my most favorite human of all: My lovely sister, Allison. She is the person I love the most in the whole wide world, for ever and ever, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a picnic filled with macaroons, flowers and exploding hearts whilst capturing it on film. 

I must say, Valentine's day is my favorite holiday right next to halloween, and I don't care if they aren't "real" holidays. I have always held Valentine's day in a special place in my heart because I feel the day bring happiness and light to a rather gloomy time of the year. While these pictures may have been taken on a sunny hot afternoon, the weather as of late is singing a different tune. So the fact that I was able to take the time to create these pictures and enjoy them now puts a huge smile on my face.

Still, whether you're staying indoors or enjoying in a romantic evening, Valentines day is all about sharing those moment with the ones you love and indulging in life's small things. It's about taking a moment and telling yourself "I love you, and thank you for that love you show me all year," then just pouring that love to those around you. 

Love is something you can never have too much of, and with the fast pace of everyday life, we really forget how the small things can make the biggest impacts. Why this beautiful little holiday gets such a bad wrap is beyond me. Love is anywhere and everywhere, and this day is just a reminder of how important that love is.

Below I've rounded up some cute stuff to make you sizzle for a hot night out, or keep you cozy as you watch your favorite movies and spoil your self with Ben and Jerry's and a sheet mask. Whatever your occasion, remember to love yourself and to pull close the one's you love.

There's nothing better than that.



Sexy Night Out

Sexy Night In