Me & My Little Love


This is my prep to the Valentine's day post that will be coming your way Wednesday. Since I have so much love to give, but the lack of time to create a boyfriend & Me post/ things to buy post, which would also require a boyfriend *ahem* here we are.

This is me and my new little love. He has three names: Finn, Goober and Ryan. We went from a dog with no name to a dog with three names. I must say, I look as happy as a calm sweating in the California sunshine... as that is NOT the case anymore, so looking back on these pictures makes me so thankful for the hot sun and fun times I had creating these shots for your lovely eyes.

Valentine's day just puts me in such a happy mood. Love is so important in this life, and I am so happy we have day to remind us that we should stop and smell the roses because life is just all kinds of fast. I feel like this holiday is just light as air and as beautiful as the roses that bloom in a supermarket cellophane wrapped bouquet, so why does it have to be so heavy when all it's asking of us is to love and be happy. I heard that a majority of break-ups happen on Valentine's Day, and that's shocking! I mean, life happens when it happens, but I hope this holiday is more fortuitous for you.

No matter how your celebrating Valentine's Day, I hope you love whoever you're with and whatever you're doing, because you deserve it.