Layered Button-Downs


This is the second look this week that involves a layered shirt. I don't know if it's all that noticeable, or if I just notice it because I have to plan and prepare these little posts, but I am so happy to not have one, but two layered looks, and have them look pretty decent.

I feel it's so difficult to layer a button down shirt with a sweater and not have it bunch and ruffle all over underneath. Then your shirt is wrinkled, and the sweater looks like a mess, and what you thought would be an easy preppy look really just leaves you feeling like and overstuffed olive. Add-on some freezing extremities and the only thing you want to do is curl up under a duvet, where there are no rules or regulations on what is presentable or not. Perhaps this looks actually does look bunched up and not presentable and I am just disillusioned because I am happy to have found and manipulated a shirt to my desire, but i'll live blissfuly unaware to that fact. 

However, I do hope this does inspire you to try a layered look or put together those unexpected pieces. Winter is great because you can wear a lot of clothes and style them, which means that there are more opportunities to manipulate a certain style. Also, hiding under layers of clothes is always a favorite of mine. Below you can shop a few oversized shirts that work well with small to medium sweaters alike. I find that layering always starts with the base, the bigger the better, and everything can be more tailored on top... if that makes sense? Well, with these tips, go forth and forge your own path!

Hope it's easier than mine.