White and Black


Is it just me or does this White blouse totally look pirate-esque? It's a great shirt that is easy to alter, but has a personality all the same, which is kind of fun. This top may be reminiscent of that one button down I was sporting in an earlier post, but it's totally different, but still in the same vein. Zara was having a major blow out of just white button down blouse, and this is how those two came to be. While this isn't a proper button down, and is more of a tunic, I love how serious yet playful it can be. It pairs with a pencil skirt just as well as it pair with a mini leather skirt! Also, the oversized nature of the top, along with the thin cotton fabric, make it easy to pull and adjust according to how put together you need to look.

I love a blouse that has character, and one that can transition well no matter the occasion. Spring is nothing but transition, obviously, and I love that I can take this shirt with me on those cold dreary rainy days, and also on those seasonably unusual hotter days.

There's nothing better than a piece that takes all the guess work out for you.