Australian Lighthouse


I am baaaaacccckkk, from the land down under. WHAT a trip it was. I was booked to be gone for one week, but then I extended the trip by another week because there was just SO MUCH to see and do still, and a 20 hour flight is no joke. There was so much I experienced on this trip that moved me in such a precious way.

There were of course the obvious bucket list items I had always wanted to do, but never thought I would do, but actually did on this trip. Like: traverse a lighthouse, feed a wild dolphin, adventure into a rain forest to find a waterfall, drive on a beach with the waves crashing against the tires and eagles flying by your window in tandem... things like that.

But the best thing about traveling is not only the cool experiences that are to be had and found with you and your travelers, but it's also the personal ones. That beautiful feeling of being miles and miles away, tucked into a corner of the earth NO ONE can reach you at, with people who only want to broaden and deepen their horizons and are there to help you on your journey, and you their's. Reconnecting  with yourself is hard to do when you are in the same routine, with the same griefs and ruts and doubts and pitfalls, but removing yourself from them and letting your mind and soul take a break from that noise is why I travel. It's why I wander.

This time of life is confusing, I'm only 23! However, this trip put my doubts to rest and made me reconnect with who I am and who I've always been. Lately, I've been getting caught up in the hum drum of other people's lives. Watching how they all do things the SAME. They all have the SAME issues, same heartbreaks, joys, fears and I have NONE of that. Mine look completely different, and I thought there was something wrong with me! Like I should be making the same choices they all were to prove I'm "normal?" This trip showed me that that is so not the case, everyone's path looks different and that's beautiful. Be strong in your convictions, because someone will love to take that away, and that someone should not be you. Be happy where your feet stand because it is a blessing to stand at all.

Now while this may be existential, the posts following this will probably not be as much. This is just the inaugural post to many more Australian posts I will share with you! Also, how nautical is my outfit? Totally not planned, but perfect nonetheless. I would try to compare my whole journey and it's genesis with this lighthouse, likening it's stoic journey of solitude to the path we all journey alone, but I just don't see it.

It's just me, in a s simple outfit, in front of a light house, happy with where I am and feeling blessed beyond to share this with you and so much more.