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Let's just take a moment for all that GREEN. Australia was filled with it. And I'm sure you're sitting there saying "ha-ha duh," but uhmmm when I went to Sydney, it was not nearly as green. Well, maybe it was, but it sure wasn't like anything I saw in Brisbane. It felt like an actual jungle (well, because it was an actual jungle) but nonetheless I was MOVED by it.

Again, my outfit is pretty simple. It was humid there, let me tell you, and one moment it's hot another it's stormy, but still hot, it's the most unpredictable weather game you'll ever play. So often I kept it simple and kept it moving. While this is just an arch covered in vines, I soon after entered a rainforest which led to a beautiful waterfall, crazy how something so "common" can be next to something so ethereal. That is exactly what Australia is. It's like nature at every corner is spilling into your boring human life saying, "ha ha, you'll never escape me, I run this place." 

It's both beautiful and brutal at the same time. My favorite pieces for the humid weather were definitely tank tops and pieces that could breathe, obviously, but also I wanted something I could move around in and not worry about. When I see style bloggers wearing gorgeous outfits in souks or on beaches I think, I could never. I'd be so worried about something because I'm paranoid like that. 

When I travel I want to immerse myself in the surroundings. So get ready for a lot of simple outfits, because traveling is all about the journey, not the wardrobe.