Work Out Wear


Never ever did I think I would create a post around Nikes and yoga pants. That's just not me. Now we all know I love simple clothes. Very simple pieces that can be paired together and go. I love also extravagant pieces that take time to think about and incorporate, of course, but when i'm in the mood to explore I don't think twice about what I'm wearing, as we discussed in the previous post. Ha.

Any who, in Australia I went to a Monastery. A monk monastery in Australia! Can you believe? I had always wanted to go to a monastery, but decidedly not into the humidity of Thailand and surrounding countries that have monks and monasteries, I thought that it would not happen, but here we are! I was filled with delight on seeing the ritual of tea and their practice of buddhism and setting incense in the temple. While I am not buddhist, I still respect and am fascinated by how other religions are performed and understood. 

Being here you'd think this outfit is a no go, I mean its skin tight and my shoulders are showing! I've been forbidden to enter churches from Vienna to Greece due to things of this nature, but here it was pretty relaxed. They also offered a tai chi course I was hoping to participate in, but the time tables did not align.

Regardless, this outfit was perfect. The humidity and heat of the day was not felt by me (even though I am wearing all black) due to the moisture wicking properties of the you pants and the cotton tank-top. The pop of color from my nikes was also a fun touch. Normally I love wearing all black, but lately I just can"t anymore without feeling suffocated.

Is this a sign of me growing up?