Red Sand Beaches


Okay, the surroundings are WAY more impressive than my outfit will ever be and any outfit to ever come after or before me. WHAT this is gorgeous! The red sand, the green vegetation, the blue waters crashing against white sands...paradise.

This was in Queensland on our way to Tin Can Bay, and this stop was breathtaking. The "mountains" imposing on the beaches were made up of sand. Straight sand, no rock no gravel, just sand compacted together on the earth with trees growing out of it, UNREAL!

Any who, enough about this beautiful corner of the earth that I am showing you barley anything of, which is a true travesty. This outfit was easy peasy for scaling sand formations and carving my hand print on the red sides of sandy mountains. Also, that pop of yellow against all of this is perfect. That tee is actually a band tee from The Killers. I was fortunate enough to see Harry Styles and The Killers back to back with my Sister while I was there. It was in the same venue, since there is really only one in Brisbane, and it was insane to go there one night for one person and then the next night for the other. Who knew The Killers merch would pair so nicely with red sand.

Anyways, this outfit is simple and perfect for pretty much anything. And why wouldn't it be? When you've found a great pair of jeans and a fun band tee, they can take you anywhere.