Stripes and Sweaters


Well, have I been on the move! This was taken in Beautiful Tin Can bay Australia, and it was chilly due to the change of season. It was very interesting to dress and plan an outfit for the day when the weather was constantly changing. It would be hot and humid one minute, just to rain and storm the next.

Layering was essential, and the weather in Australia really taught me a lesson in what that looks like. This outfit was easy to put together, and essentially they were all necessary pieces to play around with for comfort. The dress let me dip my toes in the sea if it became warm, and the scarf could wrap around my neck multiple times if the wind became too blustery.

Even though this was a fall to winter look in Australia, this could easily be a spring to summer ensemble. Basic pieces in solid colors look nice and put together, while the stripes of the scarf adds a little something of interest. Also, that is a picnic basket in my hand up above. I dragged that all the way from Australia to America, can you believe?