Off the Shoulder Shift


Ahhh yes, the heat! It has finally come, and for that I am thankful.

Forget my over-heated face, my too-pale legs, and this simple shift dress. I am ELATED for the sun to finally be poking its head around to warrant short hemlines and off the-shoulder looks, and believe you me, there will be plenty of those.

I love easy pieces that are fun to style, and a simple shift dress is just that. Here is a simple shift dress, elevated to an off-the-shoulder look. It's something that's on trend, but also easy to style. The fun shoes are reminiscent of Miu MIu, but a fraction of the price, is all my little heart could Iask for. While I do love designer things, shoes I quickly realized is something I cannot deal with. SO much money for something your feet will tear apart in .000001 seconds is too much for me to believe. I go through shoes like no one's business, so I'm excited to have a fun sneaker-type shoe to kick around in for flights or late nights.

Also, how fun is this jelly purse. I have worn it here on the blog before, but I'm bringing it back in a big way. Who doesn't love a fun jelly purse that's colorful. I love that this look is centered around color. Not that long a go I would have totally eschewed anything other than black, but now I can't get enough of fun colors, and I admire patterns on others. While I don't mind them on myself, I just can't figure them out. Thank goodness for MODA right 😉

Anywho, I love a great shift, and off-the-shoulder look, and here I'm serving both. Bon appétit!