Blue and Pink


Blue is something that is always in my closet, on my body, the color of the car I drive, the color of even my bathtub...too far? The fact that there isn't that much blue on this blog is shocking because it is not a rare occurrence for me to be wearing three differing shades of blue at one time, and not even notice until the end of the day because it is that common.

However, blue is not the only hue dominating this outfit, we also have the lovely color: blush pink. These are probably my two favorite colors in two of my favorite summer pieces. Off the should tops and culotte pants.

While this top may be off the shoulder adjacent, it is still fun and easy to wear and pair with many different pieces. I also love when it's tucked in, it sits like the top of a pretty cupcake. All flouncy and ethereal looking. Maybe in reality it doesn't look like that, but in my mind it's perfection. Also, I love how nautical the stripes can make any outfit, instantly transporting me to visions of wine filled days in the Hamptons, or on a boat...I'm, not particular.

Also, Culottes are wonderful because they are easy to wear and pair also, breathe a little easier than a jean, and can make an oufuit feel more put together and polished than just a regular pair of jeans. It's the perfect substitute for summer, and the blush hue is a fun neutral while still deviating from the obvious jean choice.

Could I say "jean" anymore?