Springtime in Color


Nothing says Springtime like a burst of color.

Whether it be solid, or patterned, springtime is the time to welcome forth colors and patterns and gear up for those hot days of summer ahead. So often I struggle with looking cute while still keeping cool, and I think that dresses are a marriage of those two things. A dress is easy to slip on and even easier to manipulate for a certain occasion. Whether you need it to be sophisticated or casual, a dress can go in any which direction. It's also the best way to welcome pattern or color into your wardrobe.

You dmon't have to worry about a pant clashing with a top, or a shoe fighting with a scarf. It's an already made outfit just waiting for you to pluck off the hanger and wear with confidence. I also love this dress because it's floor length. It's perfect for special occasions that aren't too formal, but it's still great for when you want a bit more flair than an everyday summer dress.

I also love the Spanish sh flair this outfit gives, and with the added woven purse, it elevates it to being not just a nicer piece, but also a casual piece that plays nice with trends. So it's perfect of any occasion, season or style!

Love a dress that can do it all, in a pattern that's fun for all.