Spotlight Jewelry: HRH Collection

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Okay. Hello.

The weather is sad and grey today. The day you're reading this post on, though, the weather will probably not be sad and grey, but rather, fun and sunny. Well today it is raining, and what any normal human does on a  rainy day is shop, online. No? Just me? Well now it's going to be you too after I show this amazing Jewelry designer and the wonderful things she is creating!

I found her Instagram lolling around on my discover page and I immediately became infatuated with these cute little pill bracelets. And I swooned even more when I saw the price! Now I have fallen for things of this nature before, but usually back away when I see the price, and can't really justify the purchase, but at this price point I definitely can justify the cost, and the quality more than compensates for any passing infatuation.

On top of that, the whole site is filled with little wonders, like this adorable angora coat, which I am fully debating on getting for my flight to DC. Or these fun collections of bracelets or necklaces floating around the site that are edgy and cool and don't at all feel overpowering for the wearer.

This is not at all sponsored, but just a little gem I found this weekend that I wanted to share. The prices are more than affordable, and the pieces are so unique and fun. I can't get enough of the site or the lady behind these beautiful treasures!

Visit her site here and her Instagram here for your stalking pleasure.