Fourth of July


Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you are all lying on  a beach, eating a hot dog, baking a pie, or doing really any sort of American activity your heart desires.

I oddly always love the fourth of July. Not much happens that’s outrageously interesting, but I do find that I am always able to watch the fireworks and go to an ice cream social of some sort. How that works out is beyond me, but I still love that it happens. The Fourth of July is a time when we can come together and celebrate our country and love it through all of the good and bad. It is the land of opportunity and prosperity, and how wonderfully blessed we all are to live in a country that allows us to have a voice, or for us to work hard to have one. To whom much is given, much is expected, and this is no time to take our liberties for granted.

However, this isn’t a political blog, and you did not come here to get political, if that was even political at all? Let’s talk about clothes. This outfit happened by accident, much like my Fourth of July’s. I found this beautiful satin slip dress in Australia and have been dying to wear it. However, every time I put it on, it looks way too formal. Like wedding attire formal, and I just did not see that coming when I bought it at a David Jones in Brisbane. Any who, adding this fun button down, which could also arguably be a more dressy piece, made it more casual and fun while still sophisticated. I find that taking a button down, and tying it at the waist, makes it look and feel instantly more casual and deconstructed. It takes something intimidating or confusing, and transforms it into something much more wearable. I find that tucking, rolling, or tying can help an outfit immensely, and alter pieces into something you didn’t even think possible.

This look is perfect for a Fourth of July fete filled with sparklers and fireworks and hot dogs. You better believe I’m not missing out on anything.