Summer Stripes


I love a great Pinafore, obviously that is no secret, but is there anything more fun?

I feel there is a certain innocence to a Pinafore that is charming. It's like a pseudo apron, but also a dress. It's flimsy and fun and it's just not like something you see everyday. I love that it's carefree and can be paired with a bathing suit, button down or simple cotton shirt like above. I also have an affinity for a midi dress. It's a comfortable length and is appropriate for most any situation you find yourself in. Also, how can we forget that this dress is a marriage of my two favorite colors: white and blue. A most special combination to me, and one we've seen before.

Any who, if you are looking for a fun dress that you can layer now and into the fall (I can't believe I just typed that) this one is it. Can you even believe it is August? I feel this summer just flew by, but I also feel that the summer weather didn't hit until later in the season, but we've heard me griping about that for far too long, so I rest my case.

Have fun soaking up the summer rays in a dress you can frolic from adventure to adventure in while looking sophisticated and cool all the while.