Strawberry Wine


This dress reminds me of  that song “strawberry wine.” That is a song, right? Not just because of the strawberries that are on this dress, but because it feels as ethereal as that song sounds… does that make sense. I mean, the song could totally be called “cherry wine” or “summer wine.” Regardless if I am lolling around eating fruits and sipping wine on a picnic blanket at sunset, this is the dress I want to be doing it in.

This is a fun silk dress that I picked up for sale at Madewell in Georgetown. So if you are in the D.C. area looking for a flirty summer date dress, that would be the place to go. Like, wow, how lucky that I scored this simple dress, that is 100% silk, on sale? The fashion gods have blessed me. The subtle bell sleeve is also a unique touch. I normally don’t like elastic bands of any kind on what I wear, and the elastic band on the arm at first did concern me, but my worries were quickly unfounded as it is a more loose elastic band. I love a detail, and the buttons that line the front of the dress are a nice retro touch. Again, I paired this with my metallic shoes because, why not? It’s cute and fun and a little disco. 

This dress to me is everything that summer is. Sweet, simple, loose, breezy and beautiful. Is that poetic?