Sherbert Hues


I have recently found a love for silk blouses. It’s a love that I believe has always been lurking, and while this is not the first time it has dawned on me that a simple button-down can be re-worked in a multitude of ways, it still makes it all the more enjoyable when I change up my perspective. You can wear it tucked in, tucked out, tied up, opened up…the possibilities are endless. While this may be a silk blouse, and I am not keen to tie up silk, it is still an idea that is there if I wish to change up the look.

There is something so easy about a button down, especially during the summer. I know I have waxed poetic on this before, but there is something simple yet sophisticated about a blouse with buttons. I especially love the color of this blouse,. This light sherbet color adds a pop to my wardrobe, but isn’t begging for attention at the same time. Pairing it with a jean skirt makes for something, that could be serious, fun. This blouse is actually an Equipment piece, and I’ve heard so much about Equipment, but I am not about to pay $200 for a button-down top that’s made from viscose. However, I found this beauty lurking on a dressing room return rack in a fun little thrift shop in DC! I was so excited to find it, and I must say, I am eating my words a little… Maybe it’s the stitching? Maybe it’s because this is 100% silk? I don’t know, but for finding it in a thrift store I’d say it’s definitely worth its discounted price.

Also, how fun that it was in DC? I felt like they would have great “work wear” pieces, being as it is an industrious city. I love that demographics can play a huge part in what little thrift shops carry, it really gives insight to what the city and the people that live there are like. Is this really profound information…mmmm maybe? Either way I love this top, love this skirt, and love that I can run around the city in a sherbet hue.