White Pinafore


I look so white in this picture. My skin is white, my dress is white, I am basically blinding you right now, I know. Let me tell you, after this day out, the only thing white was this dress. I turn red like a tomato in the sun.

With all that aside, I have had this vision of wearing this dress, on the beach with chubby Gold hoop earrings since LAST YEAR! I found this dress for literally 10 dollars at Urban Outfitters, and have been dying to create this look. Of course I found this dress in September, when it was just the most impossible time to boogie over to the beach, but still, I am glad to have finally made this happen. What a dream right?

I must say, every time I wear this dress, I feel as if I am wearing an apron which is not something I had anticipated nor something I really envisioned. However, this is probably the most comfortable cotton piece I have ever owned. It’s lined with a fabric so soft, it doesn’t irritate sunburned skin, because hello, I have that EVREYWHERE. I love the makeshift pinafore vibes, and how it’s short sweet and to the point as far as a summer dress is concerned.

And I suppose if I have to risk looking like a French maid, so be it, after a few mojitos on the beach, I doubt I’d care.