Tied with a Bow


Well here is another see through top.

Do I dare? 

Well yes, I just took it there. As evidenced above.

That aside, it is a see-through top, but really, with all the stuff going on, it's just a super fancy pussy-bow/pearl/ruffle cocktail of who the hell knows. Am I right. When I found this blouse on shein, I was excited. I had always wanted a top like this (sensing a theme) and I thought why the hell not. So I threw it in my basket, checked-out, and never looked back. Until this moment.

It is super cute, and I love the detailing and how easy it can make an outfit look put together, but not serious, also for $12 I am willing to take my chances in a blouse like this. Most of the time when I see a piece that has more going on, I shy away from the investment because it's favorite accessory is a hefty price tag. I have seen variations of this top in my past lives, but $200 is something I can't justify, so here comes Shein!

At first I took Shein to be a site that might put on a great show an entice you with great prices, but deliver poorly. However, I am happy to report that it performs just as well as you would hope it to. Things may have been small in some areas, but the site gives you measurements that are accurate, and they also let you play with pieces that may have been dancing in your head to try. So when you're ready to pull the trigger, you can go forward with confidence knowing that it's something you want, and also knowing that you have items in your closet that already play nice with the piece your heart desires.

While I love this top, and love that I can style it with denim just the same as with a leather skirt, it's probably not something I'll be looking to make more purchases of in the future. The pussy bow and pearls took me off guard, but it taught me something new about myself. That my tastes are ever evolving, and that is not a terrible thing.

Especially when it only cost me $12. Ahhh, the magic of fashion.